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AMA: Learn about One Artist's Journey to paint all 12.8 million digits of Satoshi's BTC codebase. $21 per question answered will be donated charity!

AMA: Learn about One Artist's Journey to paint all 12.8 million digits of Satoshi's BTC codebase. $21 per question answered will be donated charity!
Hello Reddit!
Portraits of a Mind is a global art project to decentralise the founding code behind Bitcoin into 40 fragments. The largest work of art in blockchain history, the work runs to 50 meters in length and forms an entire physical transcription of the 12.8 million digits of code that Satoshi compiled on his laptops over 11 years ago.
The Collectors of the project and Robert Alice will be donating $21 for every question answered, split between CoinCenter and Social Alpha Foundation.
SO ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT THE MAKING OF THE PROJECT......and lets raise some money!
The first 20 works were decentralised privately to 14 cities across 3 continents, acquired by some of the most important people in the space, from CZ to Matt Roszak. From San Francisco to Tokyo, the global spread of the works stands testament to you - the crypto community and its globalised nature.
On Wednesday, in just 48 hours time, BLOCK 21 from Portraits of a Mind will make history as the first artwork and NFT of our culture to be sold at Christie's New York. Just eleven years on from its inception, Satoshi's codebase currently hangs alongside masterpieces by Picasso, Cezanne, Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Warhol.
It is a major moment for our culture on the global stage and a moment to reflect on how deeply this codebase has ingrained itself into contemporary society in such a short space of time.
The Artist at their studio in London

Block 21 (one of the 40 Blocks) and a detail of the codebase - each painting holds 322,048 digits and each digit is 1.9mm high.
Private View in London, 2019
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